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Are you in need of a better understanding of the shrimp industry? Looking for specific industry data analysis services or new contacts? With ten years of experience and many satisfied clients, I might be able to help you out. Read more

“I really appreciate Willem’s professional approach. His deep knowledge of the aquaculture business is a real asset!”
Johan Brouwer, COO, Seafood Connection (Maruha Nichiro)

With these reports, I aim to inspire you to look beyond the obvious and to gain a deeper understanding of the shrimp industry. These reports are written in such a way that they are attractive and accessible for a broad audience. The reports will be publicly available. I aim to publish two reports per year.

The shrimp industry is fascinating. It is a fragmented industry, largely driven by family-owned companies and hundreds of thousands of farmers around the world. More recently, corporate players, banks, investment funds, and start-ups have entered the arena and started to change the structure and dynamics of the industry. There is one thing that all these people have in common: passion for the shrimp industry. I would like to match your passion with my blog. Once a month, I will write about a topic that fascinates me.

A Wake-Up Call to the Shrimp Industry

An expressionist rendition of the Earth as an alarm clock

    Whether you like it or not, consumer awareness surrounding sustainability as well as social and animal welfare issues in food supply chains is rising. Many of the sustainability issues are covered by third-party certification programs such as Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), and GLOBAL G.A.P. Other certification bodies deal with social issues in processing facilities and the wider value chain. But animal welfare is only covered to a limited extent by these existing certification schemes.

    Black Will Really Be Back. Big Time.


    For me, the Global Shrimp Forum (GSF) session on black tiger shrimp (P. monodon) turned out to be the most insightful of all GSF sessions. After hearing so many new insights in other sessions focusing on Pacific white shrimp (L. vannamei), the seminar on black tiger shrimp and the future production projections for India and other Asian countries shocked me and made me realize that the revival of black tiger shrimp in Asia may turn out to be the most important trend for the mid-term outlook on shrimp production and trade dynamics.

    A 2022 Update of the Shrimp Broodstock Market


    Although some of you might think broodstock is not that relevant for your part of the business, I respectfully disagree. The quality of broodstock can make or break a successful crop: better genetics may reduce volatility and risks, and stability and predictability benefit the industry as a whole. So I’m happy that you’ve started reading this blog! In my 2019 L. vannamei broodstock report. I extensively covered the L. vannamei broodstock market and the companies that rule it.

    Shrimp Bytes are ready to eat and easy to digest, and will keep you on top of what’s happening in the industry. Shrimp Bytes are published regularly and are delivered into your inbox if you are on the Shrimp Insights mailing list.

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    Whether it is with a power point deck, well-written report, presentation, pressure cook session, or more long-term strategic advisory, I would love to support you to improve the performance of your activities in the shrimp industry. 



    Looking for new contacts in the industry? I am a natural matchmaker and can couple you to buyers, suppliers, investors, or knowledge partners. With my global network I will support you to find your next business partner.

    market research

    Market research and market entry strategy

    Are you in need of an in-depth understanding of the shrimp industry as a whole or in a specific segment or country? And do you need support to develop your market entry strategy? I can help you out.

    data analysis

    Structural or ad-hoc data analysis

    You need to know what is going on and therefore you need continuous access to and analysis of industry data. I know where to find a wide range of data types, including production and trade data, and can help you to interpret the data for your purposes.

    boardroom advisory

    Boardroom advisory services

    When making your plans and decisions, it is key to have a thorough understanding of the latest status and dynamics of the industry. Only then, you can make the right assumptions and projections to guide your decisions. I can support your strategic decision making processes.

    public speaking

    Public speaking

    Do you need an inspirational speaker who can update your audience on the latest developments in the shrimp industry? Whether it is a presentation of the latest EU shrimp import trends, or a presentation of the status of the shrimp industry in Myanmar, I am happy to engage your audience  and provide  new insights into the topic of your interest. 

    vanue chain analysis

    Value-chain analysis and project design

    When you are considering setting up an aquaculture improvement program or making an investment in the shrimp industry in a particular country, you need to understand the value-chain structure and dynamics. With my thorough approach, I can support you to analyse the value-chain and identify interventions that will make your programs or investments successful.